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Protecting the Environment

From homes to local communities to public waterways we understand the impact energy has on our environment.

When a Transmission construction project threatened to disrupt the nest of a protected bird, AEP employees and a conservation group teamed up to find a solution. A red-tail hawk nested on a platform built years ago near the Muncie (IN) Distribution Service Center. I&M crews and Soarin’ Hawk, a rescue, recovery and release organization for Indiana’s birds of prey, decided to build a new platform. The nest and its eggs were transferred to the new platform built about 1,000 feet away from the old one. The entire effort was completed in three days. Happily, the parent hawks returned home to their nest.

Trees add beauty to home landscaping. But large trees can grow into power lines causing outages. To celebrate Arbor Day and Earth Day, Kentucky Power joined with Ashland Community and Technical College to give away thousands of low-growth trees and saplings to customers. Low-growth trees improve air quality and the environment and won’t interfere with power lines or structures.

Eagle Watch Nature Trail at SWEPCO’s Flint Creek Power Plant features a half-mile walking trail and two wildlife viewing pavilions on SWEPCO Lake. It’s also home to a large butterfly garden with host and nectar plants for pollinators such as purple coneflower, butterfly milkweed, prairie gayfeather, black-eyed Susan and wild bergamot. Pollinators include butterflies, birds, bees, bats and other animals that spread pollen so that plant fertilization can occur. SWEPCO along with community volunteers tend the garden which is open year round to the public at no charge.

Judith Talavera, AEP Texas president and COO, visits with Jeff George at Sea Turtle, Inc., recipient of an AEP Foundation grant to expand the education facility where students learn about sea turtles and their marine environment.
Employees from AEP Transmission, Indiana Michigan Power and Soarin' Hawk safely relocated the nest of a red-tailed hawk during construction of a new distribution center in Muncie, IN.
Community volunteers work at the Eagle Watch Nature Trail butterfly garden at SWEPCO's Flint Creek Power Plant in northwest Arkansas.